Unique analytics of your marketing stack
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Connect your existing marketing stack in one place without having to switch out the platform. Have everything laid out in one place and cross-check between channels for your reference.



How Amphoria works

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Investigate your analytics with our powerful tools. In our marketplace, you can find a variety of software at your disposal that helps you improve your online business. Use product discovery to analyze which tools are best for your goals.



Connect your marketing technologies and measure ROI efficiently without having to calculate, think or stress out with complicated formulas. Have everything done for you and you just compare the trends.

Manage and track with Amphoria

Track the performance of your Marketing Technology products and make informed decisions that can reflect positively on your ROI.



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Measure ROI

How does your business perform?

Gain insight into the performance of your business. Our dashboard is free of charge but provides integrated data across platforms to get your money’s worth.


Trend analysis

Choose between hundreds of marketing tools and compare their performance.

 Amphoria’s special features include the Dashboard, Trend Analysis, and Marketplace which serve a different but important purpose in presenting you with data that changes your earnings for the better.

Trend Analysis serves as an overview of accomplishments based on the date range and channel you set yourself. It gives you the ability to track numerous types of metrics such as Open Rates, Click Rates, Conversion Rates, but most importantly it gives you the ability to track the ROI trends across your Marketing Technology products.

Special Features


Join thousands of brands using Amphoria
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A word from our CEO

Paul Tenney

Paul Tenney

CEO & Founder

Amphoria was built with a mission to drive real value for companies large and small with their digital marketing. We don’t do “pie in the sky” and we don’t “sell the dream”. We are practical-minded marketers who look to solve real-world problems while building towards the future through a step-change approach. We don’t sleep well at night when our customers aren’t getting the value out of the products and services we’re offering them, and we work tirelessly to ensure our customers are successful.

Our principles include delivering the best quality technology at the best price with the best service and all done locally with people that you’ll enjoy working with. We specialize and focus on discrete problems to allow our customers to consume our offerings in a modular fashion so you always have an offering fit to your needs.

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