Why you should track the Number of Unsubscribers?

Earlier, we saw about the 10 Most Important Metrics For Measuring Email Marketing Campaign Success.

The number of Unsubscribers doesn’t fall in the top 10 important metrics to measure, but it will help you understand various other things. Such as the following,

  • Measure how people react to your email marketing campaign
  • It is an important number to measure and study on every campaign to see if certain topics, subject lines, or templates drive up your unsubscribe number
  • High number of unsubscribe might be because of spamming
  • A high number of unsubscribers can be an indicator of an unhappy or disinterested audience.

A high number of unsubscribe is not always a bad thing. It is good if the marketer has an objective to fine-tune their subscriber list.

Use Amphoria Trend Analysis to track your Number of Unsubscribers

  • Track Number of Unsubscribe using trend line in Trend Analysis to define your email marketing performance
  • If the number of unsubscribers trendline is going upward, it tells you that your marketing campaign is not performing well

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