How to keep track of your Email Marketing Growth using Trend Analysis?

Earlier we saw what is Trend Analysis and its benefits. Today let’s see how the Trend Analysis feature can help Email Marketing Growth.

What is Trend Analysis?

Trend Analysis is a technique used to project the current and future movement of events through a time-series data analysis. It involves the comparison of data over a specific period of time to spot a pattern or trend. Trend analysis methods can be used to forecast how the business will perform.

How to keep a track of your Email Marketing Growth using Trend Analysis?

With the help of various features in Trend Analysis such as Trend Line, Table view, Total view, Date range picker, Bar graph, Line graph, etc. predicting the growth of the Email Marketing become very easy.

With the help of the Table view feature, comparing the metrics with the previous months.

The Trend line feature can help you predict the future of your email marketing channel performance. If the trend line moves upwards, it means the email performance is good. If the trend line moves downwards, it means the email performance is bad and it needs attention.

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