What is Revenue Per Email Subscriber? How to calculate it?

In the previous blogs, we discussed the Open and Conversion rate in Email Marketing. Let’s take a look at Revenue generated per email subscriber and how to calculate it.

What is Revenue Per Email Subscriber?

Revenue per email subscriber is an email marketing metric that determines the average monetary value of a subscriber on a company’s email list. This metric can be used to measure the lifetime monetary value of a subscriber, or it can be used to calculate the average revenue generated per subscriber from a single email campaign.

It is a helpful metric for determining how well your campaigns are performing and how committed an existing list of subscribers is to your business.

How to calculate Revenue Per Email Subscriber?

The formula to calculate the Revenue Per Email Subscriber is as follows for a given period,

Total Revenue Generated/Number of Subscribers = Revenue Per Email Subscriber

For example,
$100,000/10,000 Subscribers = $10 Per Email Subscriber

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