10 Most Important Metrics for Measuring Email Marketing Campaign Success

In the earlier blogs, we discussed Conversion and Open rates and how to improve them. In this blog, let’s look at the top 10 metrics that will help you measure your general email marketing performance, and that way understand what strategic steps you should take to improve it:

Open Rate
One of the top email marketing metrics that you should measure is your open rate. It simply tells you the number of times your email has been opened. There are a few things you can learn from your email open rate.

Click Rate
Click Rate metric, also known as click-through rate (CTR), measures the number of people who have opened our email and then clicked on a URL link in the email to view the website of the product/service it directs to.

Click rate is very effective when attempting to evaluate the overall effectiveness of the content in an email marketing campaign. It tells you the exact number of people who clicked on the link associated with the campaign based on what they read in the email they received.

Total Opens
Total Opens metric can give a good general insight into the relevance of our mailing list and the effectiveness of your email’s subject line.

Conversion Rate
Conversion rate is the percentage of email recipients that clicks on a link in the email and then goes on to complete the desired action. These desired actions or conversions occur when a recipient interacts with a company in a meaningful way, for example requesting more information or purchasing a product/service from us.

Hard Bounce
Hard bounces are a serious problem, and if you ignore them, you might fall into trouble. It takes place when you’ve sent an email to such an address that does not exist anymore.

Soft Bounce
Soft bounces occur when sending an email to an inbox that is already full. If the subscriber deletes a few messages from their inbox, then your message will land in your customer’s inbox. Soft bounces are not a matter of great concern, unlike hard bounces.

Spam Percentage
Some email marketing providers will give your email a spam score based on the number of links you provide in an email. This will trigger words that will appear throughout the mail.

Churn Rate
Most marketers are not aware of this rate. Churn rate is the rate that measures the growth of your email list after the unsubscriptions, complaints, and hard bounces are taken into account. Therefore, this is an important metric to measure.

Delivery Rate
Delivery is an important metric when comes to email marketing campaigns. Some companies make a project of deliverability and take the help of a third party to deliver their emails. A poor deliverability rate would be 80% or less than that. Anything over 95% would be considered to be excellent.

Email Revenue
Email revenue is the total monetary value of the sales generated by our email marketing campaign. If a campaign isn’t generating revenue, something is going wrong.

In case if your email marketing campaigns are performing bad, reach out to us. Our team of experts has helped many companies to improve and empower their overall email marketing performance.

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