How to increase your Conversion Rate in Email Marketing

If we’re talking about the most important metrics in Email Marketing, Conversion Rate will for sure take its place in the top 3 most important metrics and we have explained that in our previous – link to the previous blog.

Today, let’s look at how to improve your Conversion rate:

  1. Be Personal
    Let’s be honest – not many people enjoy reading long emails full of corporate information. Even if they open yours, they won’t get too far before deleting it if it’s bland and impersonal. This certainly doesn’t help your conversion rates.
    An easy remedy for this is to make your emails sound like they are coming directly from you or someone within the company. Take it a step further, and add the reply-to address as that same person. Encourage replies, and start a discussion via email with your customers! It doesn’t get any more personal than that.
  2. Tell a story
    Storytelling is a powerful marketing technique, and that’s because well-written narratives resonate with readers. Who doesn’t like a good story? Storytelling is also an effective way to get readers invested in what you’re saying, meaning they’ll be more more likely to read the entire thing. This is critical if you want them to reach the one-two punch call-to-action you’ve strategically placed at the end of the story.
  3. Use a strong call to action
    Just like any other piece of content, an email can contain a few different types of calls to action. Maybe you want readers to click a link to a converting landing page, or maybe you want them to reply to the email.
    Try creating a button or an image that shows a clear path to the action you want your readers to take.
  4. Make them mobile-friendly
    Recent studies show that 53% of emails are opened on a mobile device.
    No one likes to get an email they can’t read very well, and they probably won’t convert if this is the case. Use a mobile-friendly email client, and you won’t have to worry about missing out on valuable conversions.
  5. Link your images
    So let’s say you decide to go with a mobile-friendly design. But you still want to make it as easy as possible for your readers to convert. If you’re using images, definitely link them to supporting content, or use them as great big calls to action! Clicking on a button or image is often much easier to do than a tiny hyperlink within the body of the email.
  6. Consider subject lines and open rates
    Your subject line is the gateway to higher conversions through your emails. People can’t take the actions you want after reading your emails if they don’t even get as far as opening them. Take some time to craft interesting subject lines, and don’t just leave them as an afterthought.

With our team, you can become expedient at a good open rate. Our agents have dozens of years of experience working with email marketing clients and are familiar with common deliverability issues.

If your business struggle to reach higher Open Rates, Click Rates and finally, Conversions – we can determine your pain points, help you mend them, tailor a custom strategy, while simultaneously helping you to keep your cost under control. Contact us for more information.

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