Open rate: One of the most important metrics in Email Marketing

What is an open rate in Email Marketing?

What we mean when we say “open” in the email marketing world is a positive action of a recipient upon receiving the email that results in clicking and viewing the email.
The next step from there is to get the user engaged enough to want to click on the email content. But let’s back up a little bit and first focus on how to perfect the open rate, so that our emails are actually seen by recipients.

How do you calculate the email open rate?

Calculating a campaign’s open rate is exceedingly simple but might be tedious to the untrained eye; divide the total number of emails opened by recipients by the total number of emails delivered to recipients (emails sent minus bounces). Then multiply by 100 to calculate the percentage of emails that were opened.

For example, if you send out 100 emails and 20 of them bounce, the number of delivered emails becomes 80. If out of those emails, 40 are opened, your open rate is then 40/80 = 0.5. Multiplying that by 100 gives you an email open rate of 50%.

A higher open rate refers to good email performance. It tells you that you are sending a high-quality email.

With our team, you can become expedient at a good open rate. Our agents have dozens of years of experience working with email marketing clients and are familiar with common deliverability issues.
We can determine your pain points and help you mend them, while simultaneously working on increasing your open and click rate, which will positively influence cost savings.

Use Amphoria’s Trend Analysis to easier open rate tracking

  1. Open “Trend Analysis” on the Amphoria dashboard
  2. Select “Open rate” from the metrics dropdown on the Trend Analysis page
  3. Trend line should be going upward, it means your quality is increasing and your subscribers are willing to open your email.

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