Define your email message, design and content performance using CTO

When we determine how well your campaign is working, we like to look at a few metrics that help us determine how your users interact with your emails.
One of these metrics is Click-to-Open ratio and it’s directly related to the willingness of a subscriber to check your email.
What CTOR literally represents is a percentage of unique clicks compared to total unique opens.
There could be a number of reasons why your CTOR might be low. Some of them can be poor newsletter design, lack of content, or too much of it – It all depends on what message you want to communicate, and sometimes that doesn’t correlate with the look and feel of the email.

We have created a section on our Amphoria website, where you can view all of your metrics and track your CTRO performance.
The Trend Analysis gives you insight into unique mailing features and one of them is Click-to-open ratio.

Using Amphoria Trend Analysis to Track your CTO performance

  1. Connect your ESP to Amphoria
  2. Go to Trend Analysis section of Amphoria
  3. Use the trend line That Amphoria provide to easy determine your CTO performance

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