Many marketers want to keep track of their daily marketing performance by looking at key metrics without jumping into too much detail. Beginner marketers probably don’t know what key metrics define their marketing performance. Here is where Amphoria My Products section comes in handy.

In the “My Products” section we pick the most important key metrics that are being used by most of the marketers in the world. On this page, you will be shown the last 30 days data of your marketing performance. Also, we compare the data to the previous last 30 days data so marketers can directly compare his/her current and previous marketing performance.

We set up a “My products” page so that marketers can easily see key metrics, the percentage difference, and even the last 30 days of total data.

If you want to check your performance without jumping into too much detail, then the “My Products” section in Amphoria is made for you.

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