What is Trend Analysis? How can it help you keep track of your KPIs?

Switching tabs between your marketing tools is hard and finding the important data to make a business decision is even harder.

We realized this to be a huge problem and that’s why we built the Trend Analysis feature. Connect your Email Service Provider(ESP), Facebook Ads and Google Analytics.

Trend Analysis – Analyse trends and track the performance of your different marketing channels to help you make informed decisions.

Connect your Facebook, Email Service Provider and Google Analytics to keep a track of all your KPI and make the best decisions for your business.

One of the key features is the Trendline. Trendline will help you determine your KPI performance easily. It’s not common to see your KPI movement is choppy on the chart.

For beginner marketers, it will be hard to determine the performance of the KPI by looking at the chart because of the sideways movement.

By Using the trend line any marketer can easily see that if the KPI performance is going in the right direction.

Amphoria is a self-service tool, but in case you aren’t that experienced in analyzing your metrics, there is always an option for you to reach out to us and let the team of our experts do that on your behalf!

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